That is, we are talking about only half of that allotted by nature, duration of life. Nature, Universe, Life, and the society, as such, need – a creative, active, creative "one." Man, as a result of their life, to 60 years, so "produced" wear out stops comply with this requirement of Life itself. In this regard, long-standing problem, to develop approaches, methods, and find ways to manage the aging process. Why? To increase the period of active, full-bodied and human life – the creator. And, accordingly, reduce the relative proportion of years of senile incapacity. By the way, these questions are interested in, they studied the ancient times, in times of Atlantis, in ancient Egypt, and not only there.

It may also include a search for "the elixir of life." All this is reflected national epic: fairy tales, legends, epics … "rejuvenating apples", and other recipes rejuvenation (the fairy tale "Humpbacked Horse"). In many respects, the decision this problem lies in determining the mechanisms of aging organs and tissues. The level of development of gerontology – the science of aging – to successfully develop approaches to solving this problem. To date, the achievements of this science very serious. Here are just a few people know about them. But even among those who learned there, as, strangely enough, although, naturally, resisted. In the same situation with the "genes, genetics." Referring to this, refuse to modern science (Gerontology), out of fear, but suddenly that something was wrong, and what it all lead? This may affect our genetics, etc.