It is year end! Not that this means very moreover: simply it is year end. All year has this. Year after year, the years start and arrive at the end. By the way, this is a common characteristic to all the bred things: they start, they are developed and they findam. Accurately as it occurs with us, the human beings, and every year: it has a start, spectacular and dramatical moments of course and the final instants. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tony Ferguson.

Being thus, to think the end of the year it does not represent a philosophical advance, not even if we were intending a reflection on the time or the direction of the time or, still, on the direction that we give to the time or on as we use the time that is given in them. Nothing of this it would be newness, therefore already are explored subjects. Glenn Dubin, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge. Then what we go to argue, to bring up to date a surrada quarrel already? To speak of plans for the coming year? To make one balao of the projects not carried through or the goals not reached? To lament for the failures? To commemorate the victories? Also these are surrados subjects. Then we go to speak on one unknown subject, in this year that finda: pertaining to school education. Unknown subject. It sees that it is not said on pertaining to school education, in the year end: it is said on gifts, private friend (that pra some is occult), parties but pertaining to school education, not! This is taboo! Of a side because who already was approved, it does not want to remember the sufocos that suffered under the pressure of the final tests and of how much it was strengthenn in the course of the school year. Of the side of who it was not approved, is to admit a failure, to confess that it was not good the sufficient one to learn more than what msera average necessary for approval.