Young families and insurance – part 3 no solution the rod of the optimal protection of the personal life situation depends on. Like we would run at this point in ten steps for optimal protection. This is not possible: there is no silver bullet, which is equally suitable for all. You have to find together the best solution for you and your family with a professional advisor itself. The initiative is but up to you. We want to give you some food for thought, that can help you decide. Learn more on the subject from peter batts. In short, without claim on completeness.

Are you or your spouse is permanently employed keyword State funding? Then you confront yourself the Riester pension. This funding pension is attractive for families with children. Self-employed and freelancers get usually no Riester promotion. You benefit from the Rurup pension. Therefore our Tip: who plays with the idea after several years experience own boss to be,. should apply from the outset Rurup.

The Rurup-rente is incidentally wrongly reputed that only can relate services insured himself at the age, but otherwise the contributions paid will be forfeited. Rather, also a survivor can be arranged in addition to occupational disability protection. Workers should confront keyword retirement even more opportunities for occupational retirement provision. Often, establishing a pension by the employer is financially supported, either voluntarily or as laid down in the collective agreement. A combination of occupational retirement provision and Riester-rente is also possible. And another thing: by law, every worker has the right to build up a company pension. Talk to your boss. Keyword disability is pointed out repeatedly the need of for private disability protection. So who can should hedge its workforce: more than two million people in Germany can permanently unable to work due to health reasons. Every fourth employee must leave the profession prematurely. Unfortunately, it is possible to take out disability insurance not always all.