Wearing time waiting for that moment. Time slows and you and your gift are in the single room. You start to pull the impatience of the zeal and in the end decide to cut by how healthy and rasgas the role of a strong pull, so many illusions, so much waiting for. But how? Another tie? You disimulas how you and smile to your family, your world is reduced to a single question for me? Why me? sure that sometime in life you has this happened, but with the tie, with the typical colony, or a scarf colors you shalt not never. Enough now I want that they gave me different things, something funny, what don’t forget me never, that is, I want an original and surprising gift for Christmas.! And searching and digging I have found what I believe to be the most original gift that you can take at face.

An experience. If you hear how an experience, something fleeting, who enjoys a few moments but that will remain in your memory forever. And searching and digging in the experiences I have found the most original and fun, I can become a CSI for a day and solve a mysterious case, or being a spy and chase a coveted object, it could also be a survivor or the contestant on a reality show and all this I found it on a single web site, la pinta is very good (www.alternativexperience.com) and the extraordinary references.