With all these advances have come new sciences, e.g. genetic engineering today on day is disputed due to repercussions such as cloning or the improvement of species. Investment in developing countries already spend significant resources to research in nanotechnology. Nanomedicine is one of the areas that can most contribute to sustainable progress in the third world, providing new methods of diagnosis and screening of diseases, better systems for the administration of drugs and tools for monitoring some biological parameters. Currently, around 40 laboratories around the world channeled large sums of money for the research in nanotechnology.

About 300 companies have the term nano in its name, although there are still very few products on the market. Some giants of the computing world as Hewlett-Packard (HP) NEC, IBM and Intel are investing millions of dollars a year on the topic. The Governments of the so-called first world also have taken the issue seriously, with clear leadership of the American Government, which this year has allocated 570 million dollars to its National Nanotechnology Initiative. In Spain, the scientists speak of nanopresupuestos. But interest grows, since there has been some congresses on the topic: enSevilla, at the Fundacion San Telmo, about investment opportunities, and in Madrid, with a meeting between leaders of centers of nanotechnology from France, Germany and United Kingdom at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Traditional firms may benefit from nanotechnology to improve their competitiveness in usual sectors, such as textile, food, footwear, automotive, construction and health. What is intended is that companies belonging to traditional sectors incorporate and apply the nanotectologia to its processes in order to contribute to the sustainability of employment.

Currently the figure in everyday use is 0.1%. With the help of nanotechnology access programs is expected in 2014 it’s 15% in use and manufacturing production. The fundamental characteristic of nanotechnology interdisciplinary Assembly is that it constitutes an interdisciplinary Assembly of various fields of science naturalesque are highly specialized.