BRAIN CHEMISTRY OR MENTAL ALCHEMY? (continuation to chapter Mental Alchemy of the hidden wealth) The search for balance is part of our daily work. That is why we meditate, we envision and materialize the thoughts. Balance allows us to keep us within the inarmonicas forces-free inner journey. The balance shaft is love and thus advance insurance. When the human being loses his balance, falls amid tensions and forces that destroy your mind and your psyche operates negatively specifying harmful actions. Psychic diseases are imbalances product of negative information that has been stored in the subconscious conditioning our behaviour. In desperation, many times, man cannot find another outlet that resorting to the chemistry to make it work on brain substances, such as neurotransmitters, to retrieve the desired balance. Substances prescribed by medical specialists may be necessary, but man must find a way to achieve their long-awaited balance not with chemistry, but with the alchemical transmutation.

Mental Alchemy is that it allows the transformation of negative thoughts, unbalanced, dense and unclean (as an impure metal) in bright thoughts as the gold, i.e. balanced and positive ideas. This is the true alchemical art. Brain chemistry operates on the psyche, about the nephesh of the Kabbalists or lower soul of the Taoists. Alchemy seeks transmutation working on the mind, the ruach. The starting point is the spirit, the neshamah, which on the basis of the unit (Iechidah) achieved controlled by consciousness (Daat) lower structures. Alchemy is then labour contrary to chemistry. We do not mean by this that reject the pharmaceutical chemistry; It is very useful and necessary for mankind. What we want to convey is that when we achieve balance with alchemical daily work, comes to us a spiritual wellbeing that spreads throughout our be bathing us deep peace and divine love. We then seek balance; not to stop the work So wake up our hidden wealth.