If the moral value loses familiar relationship, loses if the place in places that demand respect works and friends that if move away from this creates if bigger barrier between God and its word, Oque remains life without commitment, and many become andarilhos and beggars living in groups of vagrancy, many with serious venereal diseases, AIDS, and others males conceived by mixture of some partners and lack of physical hygiene, Two things are devastating the humanity to chemistries that if absorbs and affects the brain and the moral behavior, and the desregrada sexual life or without rule, the sex was left for the body of very pretty form for God, first to populate the land with children and children, but of one forms social, that it respects the next one, the laws, and it greets it physics, the sex and pra to give life and does not kill it How many abortions perhaps, how many lives generated for destruction of lack of condition of the life, somebody can say I is not reading of bible and I do not think about God of this skill but it knows, God and the author of the creation I and you are its creatures, and who created have can on its things, it go to ask for accounts of everything, first it suffers if consequences in the physicist and later if not recognizing its errors, remain a court of accounts and Perpetual judgment, this for all the ones that believe of a form will have correction, and the ones that they do not believe will have another treatment, but God does not have the culprit for innocent (Levtico 5:5) – He will be, therefore, that, culprit being in one of these things, will confess that where he sinned. (Mateus 11:28) – You come me, all the ones that tired and oppressed stays, and I will alliviate to you.