Hello, dear lovers of cats and cats. Let's talk about these amazing and many of your favorite creations. What we know about cats? To begin with, a cat and a man known for a long time. According to some quite reliable data, this meeting took place about 4000 bc. It happened in the Nile Valley in Egypt. Since ancient times, the animal is accompanying us, and to this day.

Especially today, in an age of stress and unimaginable loads, the cat will help us cope with the many mental troubles, and find relative peace and tranquility. That will help better to calm our shattered nerves after a hectic working day than the soft, fluffy and gently purring establishment on our knees? We stroked the cat behind the ear and hand over silky hair. At such moments we have normalized blood pressure, heart rate is close to ideal, calm our nerves, irritability somewhere disappears, we gain peace of mind. The cat feels very unwell, and our very first to come into close contact. She pokes at us with her wet nose, trying to lick your hand or face rough tongue, rubs on us with his body. As I write this, sitting beside me is my favorite cat, Martin and something gently purrs arm. He knows that I write about cats and are very pleased.

There is a suggestion that man, animal-loving, kind man. This statement is true and vice versa: a bad person who does not love these wonderful animals. I can not convince you that this is true, but I am deeply convinced of the correctness of this statements. And even the cat is feeling good and bad people. You probably will not once seen as street homeless cats and cats with a hunting suit to one wanting to cuddle and feed and would not come close to other people clearly scalps. Here you have a cat. And sometimes they are replacing our friends and relatives. Always understand our feelings, spare us, forgive sometimes unfair to them, not nakrichat without reproach, do not lash out offensive words. So let's treat these amazing creatures and the unknown with a sense of anxious love and understanding. Sign a pet and friend and be happy!