THE back pain if you haunt fatigues without knowing where they come, ye apureis not to know, to go, where they become. Augusto Ferran. ONE of the suffering more common of the humanity is a characteristic of the species: back pain. Its origin and solution lie, almost always on the postures. It’s that simple. All have many tickets to throw us a pain on the back. It is one of the most common sufferings of humanity. Sometimes they appear from time to time, but sometimes they become chronic pain lurking mercilessly, looking for the first time to manifest itself.

Specialists have dubbed them as a condition of back injury, disease, postural kyphosis, lordosis, or column but we all know what they mean: the sensation of pain that appears, suddenly, after us bending over to pick up a package, when you wake up in the morning, to make a special effort or after long time in the same position. But back pain never appears because Yes. The causes can be be multiple: personal, inherited, or with a lot of frequency, consequence of our tension and postures. Some headaches are born of rigidities of physical or psychological nature, by weakness of the muscle groups in this area, by stress, by a sedentary lifestyle, by the positions, by uncomfortable furniture surrounding us woman is an ideal candidate to suffer this evil. They are those who often loaded with packages, spend hours followed by standing or sitting, ironing and, in case outside little, carry deadly shoes. Sometimes there comes a time in which the pain becomes quite unbearable. Then you must do something. No other choice.

It is best to contact a generalist or the rheumatologist. Tablets and various medications can do little normally. Essentially, the cornerstone of all back pain treatment, pasa por aprender a series of postures; by re-educating our customs and postural habits. Standing or walking there to respect the natural curvature of the spine, dropping most of the body on the heels. To sit not It must be neither rigid as a stick or semitumbado. High heel shoes should be used as little as possible. Stooping should bend legs, squatting, and do not bend your back. The best bed has a hard mattress and pillow takes must slowly begin to go changing the habits acquired. Then as the case may be, will have to undergo a special treatment. Then appear the applications of heat, hydrotherapy and massage. But we must always remember that habits and positions not if they are re-educating it won’t get in the long run, nothing effective to combat back pain. And is that, as the poet said: so desperate I am / I’m always going to the same site / and I never know where I am going. Francisco Arias Solis who accepts the petty, vile wage, pays property life and breath (sentence of Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.