Confrontation that commissioned million deaths, for much about defending the Confederation and others trying to find their independence panorama which later changed when they were developing the true intentions of the Spanish invasion, intentions that were just looting and deprivation of the riches of the South land fact that culminates in a first stage with the Tupac Amaru Segundo insurrection. The second stage of this liberation is a stage not consolidated, not defined as the colonization process has occurred not only in political, military, ideological terrain, but also in the cultural, social and economic. In the economic structures of production and consumption which had resolved the problems of hunger and misery, that meet the basic needs of the population are sprayed. Instead Europe was an economic structure that had not resolved their problems which they like the peoples of Northern Europe who had to invade Rome to solve your problems of hunger; to which had to destroy the Roman culture Greek. A delayed culture in the State of evolution of barbarism forward to solve their problems of existence have to invade and seize those who exist in a more civilized than her nation. Social: the society of the Tawantinsuyana Confederation had an order that had emerged from the own Andean man’s view about things, about life, about the family, and as they should be the relationships in it.

Principles that were based on the philosophy of parity in Yanantin, of reciprocity principles that we can call them philosophical that very well Javier Lajo, Eugenia shock, and the Amauta Walker of los Andes describe it. Culturally: Hispanics not brought anything since we had already anticipated many hundreds of years in different areas of knowledge: for example in genetic engineering since we develop thousands of varieties of different food species from harmful plants for human consumption. In hydraulic engineering principles of osmosis and capillary action were known to carry waters rivers above. Or we were the people more educated than the peoples of Europe. But the Europeans told us that we had no writing nor knew the wheel, to which I answered them: which forms of memory are different spelling is one of them; or is that writing is one of them, we have the tocapus and the quipus. The tocapus which are the thinking of the author phonemic representations. The quipus of which there are two types: the multicoloured and the monocolores that their use is not only for accounting systems but also for the entry of phonetic information binary system or through other numeric systems, which currently are used in computer science to do what our ancestors did.

But we were led to believe until now that we are an atrazado people uneducated and without development, which are the bases of the mental colonization also known as misogenia or loss of identity. As it is the case of the Mayor of the city of Trujillo the Cesar Acuna indigenous or former President Alejandro Toledo who have schemes of life and Western view; which is very inconsistent. It is like watching an Australian Kangaroo trying to fit the carapace of a turtle. And always living in it. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.