Water based paint is a popular variety of colors, the main difference from traditional, is that the chemical level, a binder in them is, to put it simply, water. So at the molecular level, polymer particles, which actually represents a paint, are in continuous suspense. These polymer particles, like floats in water. Once the paint is applied to work surface, water evaporates, but the polymer particles form a dense mat film, which is widely popular among all painters. Water based paint also have several advantages over conventional paints, for example on oil.

Thus, in the first place. These colors do not have the characteristic pungent smell, because of which sometimes can not go into the room. In addition, water-based paints completely environmentally safe. They do not exude absolutely no harmful fumes. Water based paint can be safely used over many surfaces. Not recommended to put a paint only on unprotected metal surfaces.

Since in the paint is coming off the water, causing her to a metal surface, can cause corrosion process or speed it up considerably. Also not recommended to apply water-based paints for gloss paints. Over the same most water-based paint can be applied to any. At the construction site water-based paints are always held in high esteem. Painters are actively using them when painting concrete, masonry and stucco surfaces. In addition to all the above-mentioned water-based paints do not tend to peel and can always maintain a healthy indoor climate. Like many modern paints, water-based paints included in a clear internal gradation of types and species. So the most popular type of water-based paint is acrylic paint. It is so called because it is made based on acrylic resins. PURPOSE silky matt, snow white polyacrylic-based paint for walls and ceilings in dry areas SCOPE is used for coloring cement and cement-lime, lime, plaster, plasterboard and wood surfaces, as well as paintable wallpaper. CONSUMER PROPERTIES paint creates a smooth crisp white matte finish. Easy to apply. Do not drain. Economical. The paint is excellent tinting tinted paints, pastes or concentrates water-based pigments in pastels. The drying time of one layer of 30 minutes.