Over the years, the diet or Atkins method has become synonymous with weight loss. Fans of the program say that it has proved to be an instrument that has helped him lose unwanted kilograms. They speak of an improved general health and a higher power as a result of the Atkins program. However, critics argue that the Atkins diet may cause damage to the heart, turning it into an unhealthy diet. Advocates of the Atkins Diet say that almost anyone can lose weight with your program. However, there are certain people who are more likely to benefit from the Atkins plan.

Those who eat compulsively can also benefit from the Atkins program for those suffering from an addiction to food, are prime candidates for the Atkins diet. The Atkins plan is divided into four stages. During the initial stage, his body ceases burning carbohydrates to burn fat. Also abandoned the habit of eating foods containing sugar during this stage.During the second stage, your weight loss will accelerate, and the same will be able to eat large portions of vegetables. In the third stage, known as pre-maintenance, you will continue adding more food to the diet. The final stage is to maintain this diet’s lifetime. During this phase, you can continue to fight addictions to certain types of foods, in addition to maintaining his ideal weight and decrease the possibility of suffering from diabetes. However, for many people, the Atkins plan may be difficult to follow.

This is due to the temptation of eating carbohydrates and sweets. Friends and family can become saboteurs of your diet, avoiding the continuity of the results you are looking for. In this case, the best defense is a good offense. This means telling your loved ones in advance that you are determined to complete the Atkins program. The Journal of the American Medical Association has suggested that the Atkins plan may be dangerous for children. This is not surprising, given that young people are still growing and need all the nutrients that can get. Supporters of the Atkins Diet says that, while children cannot benefit from a restriction of fruits and vegetables, could consume less potatoes and bread without affecting your health. Some medical experts say that the approach of the Atkins diet is not suitable for people who already have kidney or liver problems. In addition, since the Atkins Diet reduces the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat an individual diet you may leave persons at increased risk of problems such as cancer and heart disease. As a result, you should probably consult with your personal physician before resorting to the Atkins plan, or any other diet low in carbohydrates. It is likely that the Atkins plan remains controversial in the future. Although it has proved its effectiveness in helping people to lose weight, you can also place individuals at an increased risk of serious illness. So if you suffer from any serious illness, or you are experiencing symptoms such as high blood pressure, then You might consider an alternative diet plan. At the end, along with your doctor, you will need to determine the programme of diet which is appropriate in your particular case. Now Lastly if you want lasting results in terms of weight loss, I recommend you download the book for free: 7 Secrets to permanent weight loss, where you’ll meet methods disclosed very little about permanent weight loss and good physical conditioning.