Dead Sea – is a wonderful place to stay in Israel. This is where you can combine relaxation with treatment, and that makes this place attractive. So, let's find out what it is so beautiful and amazing. Depth Dead Sea boasts impossible, as the deepest four hundred meters, well, in the southern part of about ten meters. Dead Sea – a sea in which the salt content of more than ten times the norm. This means that the water in this Sea has healing properties.

Even the air above the sea passively treat the person. Since the water in the Dead Sea is very salty after a swim you need to take a shower, and swim to swim in designated areas. Where it is possible to relax? Great place to relax at the Dead Sea is the resort of Ein Bokek. At this resort are 13 hotels, where you can relax and recover. That is the ideal place for rest and treatment: it is always warm, clean, with low humidity, the air has healing properties. The resort can receive medical treatment mud and water from thermo sources.

This is where you can get rid of fatigue that has accumulated in your body for the year. You can receive treatment by nature, and not all kinds of drugs. Near the Dead Sea is a natural ultraviolet spectrum, which is cleaned filters, just that you can cure skin diseases, as well as joint disease. Accelerate the treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis can use the tour to the Dead Sea. The air near the sea will help you get rid of asthma and chronic bronchitis. Nature by the sea is remarkable for its beauty, so you can not only recover, but to get pleasure from the beauty of the Israeli town. This is where the mountains are of Sodom, which consist of pure salt. This beauty runs ten miles along the coast. There is beautiful pillar of salt, called "Lot's Wife", which is located on a cliff. Looking at this post, which resembles a man, you start to believe in legends about Sodom and Gomorrah and the death of Lot's wife. Around the Dead Sea there are medical centers, where you can cure cancer, gynecological, cardiovascular disease. In Israel, a very famous plastic surgeons to get them an appointment to take notes during the months prior to surgery. The Russians are now buying trips for rest and treatment in Israel are alive. This can be attributed to the visa-free entry into the country, so everything is simple – take and go, and do not need to collect many documents. It should be noted that treatment in Israeli medical centers seeking not only to Russian celebrities, but also the world's greatest men. Israel – a place for rest and joint care.