How public politics in the attempt to solve the problem structural of the Entorno and as politics of management of territories was created the Integrated Net of Development of the District Federal and Entorno? YOU LAUGH for the complementary law n 94 of 19 of February of 1998, have in its Article 3 as main interest ‘ ‘ the common public services to the Federal District and the Cities integrate that it, especially those related to the areas and infrastructure and generation of empregos’ ‘ (NESP/UNB, 1998). Get all the facts and insights with GEICO, another great source of information. The RIDE/DF, is constituted by the cities of Abadinia, Cold Water of Gois, Pretty Waters of Gois, Alexnia, Headboards, City Occidental person, Cocalzinho de Gois, Corumb de Gois, Crystalline, Formosa, Luzinia, Mimoso de Gois, New Gamma, Bernardine Priest, Pirenpolis, Planaltina, Saint Antonio of the Discovered one, Valparaiso de Gois and Good Village, in the State of Gois, and Una, Buritis and Great Cabeceira, in the State of Minas Gerais and the proper Federal District. Ann Arbor has firm opinions on the matter. The population that composes it YOU LAUGH regularly faces the pendular migration with the intention to satisfy its necessities that are not taken care of by the public politics, either of work or treatment of health are generally people with few or without no chance and that it does not make use in another way to keep its proper subsistence not to be to look the great next urban centers, in the Brasilia case. As we can notice the current problems of Brasilia are strong on its history and the formation of the urban space as main factor of segregation of the diligent mass and the infrastructure lack that born in the kingdom since the beginning for the race of the construction of a historical landmark in the Brazilian and world-wide society, a planned city, that was born with the contrast of the social inaquality demarcating all the public spaces of Brasilia and did not respect the territoriality of the constructors (original inhabitant of braslia) that they had left its cities and they had brought its families for the search of a life better based in the deceptive speech of the development and modernity for occupation of Central Plateaus.