The kids played and enjoyed with aquatic pastimes. Their elders are keen to make use of that common good within a standards and that they comply with a fair apportionment of the use that is made daily. Unum gathered all the information. The purpose of the regulation is to prevent abuses. That the owners would agree is difficult. During the early years always a consensus was reached during the meeting which was held once a year, the first Sunday of August in the morning. During course of the neighborhood Board parents of the colony choose the President and the Secretary.

Charges both whose ownership passes from each other in order, although several neighbors for their dedication and wanting to be parsley of all sauces repeated one or two times in a row. Nobody delays the payment of the annual fee, thanks to which cover expenses for maintenance and cleaning the pool. Work performed by a man of the people, who are engaged so that during three months the water is about to. At the beginning of the coexistence is they formed several groups, but all marriages were cordially. The affinity of characters and social position as well as the similarity of age, did that sentences of two or three couples is betrothed to stay for dinner. The coexistence during the first Summers was on a daily basis. The rest of the year were not seen each other.

The neighborhood maintains a friendly neighborhood connection. Families gathered at the beginning of brand new Villa around the pool to celebrate a party, pushed by the most extroverted neighbours. Until the third year they made two celebrations. One to make a barbecue. Which came each offspring with his manduca, but they shared provided that party there was the Viands. They did in company a few other sardines, a chuletada and kebabs or chorizo well churruscadito. Women did on such occasions a sangria which was distributed in abundance.