Do not go against what is getting the praise of others.Laozi million people followed with great interest the successful rescue of 33 miners in Chile through operation San Lorenzo after remain living in the interior of the Earth where were for 70 days. Since then, everything was carried out successfully, in which Chile showed that despite the adversities that have lived in this year, he has been able cope with intelligence, integration, optimism, challenges. Faced with this successful reality that garnered millions of people from the different countries that make up the planet Earth, the Chilean national newspaper commented: A perfect rescue, and added that the television broadcast became a landmark world of communications, along with a photograph of President Sebastian Pinera waving to Luis Urzua, the shift of miners Chief. The international press, Presidents and certainly common humans, have applauded and congratulated the Chilean people, the members of the operation, the rescue group by its extraordinary and sensational operation that rescued from the Earth’s interior to the miners who were trapped in the mine, returning back to normal life, to integrate with your family, with its people and above all to continue seizing the opportunity of life that has been given again. States, each rescue generated tension and expectation. Taking relatives and reporters not be off upgraded screens to view each of the witnesses of the miracle of Copiapo. Since then, these miners returned to birth, has been given a chance at life that not the slightest doubt, use it intensamentePara which could embrace their loved ones has been a rebirth.

Most of them already left behind the San Jose mine and she was accompanied to the hospital of Copiapo relatives then go home and try to put this nightmare behind. Wednesday at Atacama passed quickly and the cold grew with the hours. However, the joy of the present in the zone made human warmth to defeat adversity the pointed out, that hell is finally over.