In preparing promotional mailings, copywriters need to know some important rules. Our goal: using the content distribution online store or thematic sites, to achieve the classical sequence of reactions of users: attention, interest, desire and action. Therefore, even at the initial stage should consider regular site content. Why create a company newsletter, web business card which is uninteresting and impersonal? Rule number 1 is very pleasant, the King! Competently introduce companion must also be able to. If your life is unknown and still does not have enough authority on the Internet, it is unlikely recipient of the advertising text e-mail Mailing seriously consider your suggestions.

It should therefore be possible to specify in the ad details and Imprint: company name, the correct mapping of the site address, physical address (if any), etc. Thus, we will win the trust of the reader (customer) and get his attention. Rule number 2 Overlapping images order that describe the product or service delivery, the author list is desirable to use clear and understandable definition. resulting in sublimation of the possession. Rule number three of the court intrigues of Paris continue to “engage” with prospective clients through a title. He is a postal mailing advertising, too, is intended to promote reconciliation images. The most effective headlines in two or three rows that contain promise, but without the refinements and details.

Examples: “You can win ” “How ” “Find ” etc. It is these “” intriguing and forced to read the main text. Thus, we excite the interest in our proposal. Intrigue almost always works. Rule number 4 you want! Now, in chronological terms of making deliveries, followed by a brief description benefits that coincide with the needs of potential buyers. Do you have facts, they should be presented in the classic style of business correspondence and stimulate the desire to purchase a product or service. In addition, it is necessary personal appeal to the recipient, the offer of remuneration and the reference to the recommendations of loyal customers. Rule number 5 The response is very straightforward. Recounts the subscribers, that he would receive and how it should react. In the case of advertising message content from an online store, will look great with a hyperlink to the new illustrations of receipt of goods. The main thing in this rule: the text is aimed at initiating action by a potential consumer. The above rules are universal and can be transformed. However, even they will respect a tangible effect.