Beyond the rhetorical one on the victory of the freedom, since the evaluation has made Bush of the defeat of III the Reich, and if that victory gave to passage to the world new fiance’, it must become from the point of view of the Human rights, solemnly proclaimed like universal in 1946. The empire of those rights indicates if, after the horror, that world were reached new that had to arise, defeated the Nazi totalitarianism. Right to the life, the liberties, against the tortures; rights against the arbitrary halting or imprisonment, to the equality before the law, the presumption of innocence, judicial and procedural guarantees in case of suspicion of crime commission; right to participate really in the government, the work and a right wage, a worthy house, medical aid and education the defense and the fulfillment of those rights mark essential differences with the nazism, defeated in the battlefields. The Human rights indicate essential, real the character, of the democracy. What we can conclude 60 years after the victory on nazism? The democracy, always presented/displayed as it puts when it is departure point, returns to be in precarious state. Since the analyst has written Eduardo Haro Tecglen, thousand fascisms walk loose and are represented in the General Assembly of the UN.

The freedom is of very minority use, even in which world was called libre". The confrontation in Cold War contributed to drain of content the democracy and, therefore, to delay the new world that had to arise from the victory. Time later, the Soviet empire sinks and, in as much the world it grows developing economic and in capacity to create wealth, new rules of game prevail that increase the inequality and the poverty until obscene ends. The winning, rich and developed democratic countries, do not doubt, for example, in replacing the old red enemy by the Putin autocrat to whom the Human rights concern a radish to him and the democracy incarnates that them.