The risk always travels with bike accidents have many causes. Whether in the professional or leisure: cyclists face with dangerous situations. In 2010, 56.040 cyclists were injured over 15 years in traffic accidents or killed. This variety of causes played a role. The most common accidents generally happen between bicycles and cars. Because cyclists due to the missing cover spared only rarely by injuries. 381 cyclists entered the year 2010 to the life. The cause is often in car bicycle accidents (74? %) when the driver, which overlooks the cyclists at the turn.

Care must be taken when turning, classify and starting but also. High risk of accident by misconduct of but also of cyclists brings by own misconduct in danger. So are about misuse of road and failed to turn to the main cause of the accident. Especially when collisions with motor cyclists (64? %) and pedestrians (63? %) of cyclists is often to blame. Seniors particular risk increased attention and safe driving behaviour can prevent accidents. With increasing age, the risk increases here.

Unsafe movements or response weaknesses cause that seniors are more often involved in accidents. 2010 lost each second cyclists over 65 years, who was involved in an accident, his life. Overall, there were 197 people. Particularly male seniors were very severely affected with 147 deaths. Safer on the road more care, less risk of all road users can contribute, that decrease the number of accidents. For example wear bright and reflective clothing ensures better visibility. Accident statistics figures 2010 381 cyclists were killed 56.040 persons over 15 years as cyclists injured or killed 197 people over age 65 were killed (with 52? % more than every second rescue), of which 147 male seniors were injured 10.474 seniors, of 2010 there were 65.573 accidents 2.933 heavy accidents Personal injury. Was a major contributor to an accident cyclists in 29.670 cases. 16 per cent were single vehicle accidents. It comes to an accident with a car, the cyclist is fault only in one quarter of all cases. Main misconduct of cyclists is the incorrect use of the road, so driving in the wrong direction. Another problem is alcohol. An investigation of the Munster police revealed that every tenth cyclists who caused a road accident, was drunk. Major misconduct by the car: overlooked in turn.