In addition to a lectern, microphone, overhead projector and also telecommunications equipment such as fax and telephone, extension cables and connectivity should be a beamer for the laptop. Meticulously prepare conferences of course the content of meetings is important, but nothing without a good organisation of the whole event and use the best content. The time frame should be set out in advance to guarantee a smooth process. There are often things that are broken or missing, and then delay the whole event. Who is planning a Conference for the first time, can’t think of everything. At the end, especially the technical facilities, which can lead to delays is missing. Technical glitches extremely negatively affect the motivation of the participants.

If you rent a meeting room, be sure, that deals with the landlord to the Organization of the technology and the food. Such all-round offerings are more expensive, save you much time and stress. Don’t forget that on the implementation of conferences specialized companies about the necessary Have experience, so that on the day of the event I hope nothing is missing and nothing goes wrong. Meeting catering ideally takes over the company, where you rent your meeting room (such as a Congress Hotel), also catering. This aspect should be coordinated, because here there can be quite nasty surprises. How many times has it seen it, that vegetarians have had to adopt the Conference with rumbling stomachs, because lunch was not thought to their needs.

The food should be appropriate to the season and time of day. Heavy, hearty food for lunch is very securely attached. Also, a common mistake is to offer only cake and sandwiches throughout the day. Who had a long journey, would be around noon about a healthy and easy meal. Eva Otter