E if the men are friends, do not have necessity of justice between them, to the step that to be mere just is not enough, not excusing a friendship feeling. In the truth, the raised form more of justice seems to contain an element of amizade' ' . The friendship possesss justice, is a good proportional, it is condition so that the State can be characterized by the peace, and because not happiness? It has seen that, while will have friendship, it can be said that it has justice, will not have, therefore the necessity of the State to make to be valid its power of coercion, mainly with respect to its ius puniendi, as measured of security and social control, treating itself here is clearly, of the substantial direction of friendship. Three are the main species of friendship: the friendship tied for the utility as main purpose, the friendship tied for the utility as immediate object and the so virtuous and well quista perfect friendship, most difficult of being conquered. The friendships based on the utility and the pleasure are friendships that if only characterize for the interest and by itself it does not have happiness, therefore as already displayed, this (happiness) must be understood as a good that by itself is autosatisfatria, these species of friendship is half for an egoistic satisfaction, since one of the parts sees to another one as a way that provides advantage to it, without exactly having any species of repayment. These models of friendship, therefore, are not constant in the solidarstico roll of the substantial concept of friendship. The friendship is not to give of what receiving it is not to perceive and if to import with the necessities of the other, exactly that in detriment of its proper one, from there appears the third and main species of friendship, the perfect friendship.