Cough people suffer mostly in autumn and winter. Few manage to catch a cold in summer and fall seriously ill. While swimming in cold water might well contribute to this. Do not hurry to run to the pharmacy for pills and swallow them by the handful, just to quietly spend the night without coughing. Try to traditional therapies. Often they are more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

When coughing is useful to eat in the morning on an empty stomach melted butter. In a bottle of beer dissolve a spoon of sugar, and heated in a drink 1-2 cups a day. Acceptance of black tea with milk and honey, alerts you to cough. With a strong cough pure fir oil from buried pipette on the tongue, 2-3 drops in the morning and before bedtime. From prolonged breastfeeding cough should wipe the chest dry cloth rag, then rub the dry inland of lard or ghee. For pork salo (considered it helps better than melted butter) is also good to add a small amount of pine oil.

You can also take rye, oats and barley (the only question is, where), add the chicory and 2 grams of bitter almonds and purified drink it like an ordinary coffee. Cough well treated radish juice with honey. In a well-washed radish medium-sized hollow knife or spoon depression (remove about 1 / 4) and fill it with honey. After a while, honey mixed with the juice of radishes, which take children from the cough of 1-2 teaspoons 3-5 times a day.