Make your best time for 48 hours! Dusseldorf Ergopraktik company presented exclusively in Germany Physio sleep PHYSIO SLEEP night sleep with original Proschlaf roller technology is one of the elementary building blocks of human life the modern man is however subjected to influences and circumstances, that increasingly threaten the undisturbed flow of sleep. Mechanical negative influences, as they assume a false bed facilities, not only cause that sleep is disturbed restless and therefore substantially but places additional stress on parts of the body such as discs, muscles and ligaments. THE proper design of bedding property from medical point of view IN the future an ever-growing importance is therefore coming to the findings of physical sleep research play a central role. The present concept of physio-sleep sets all current evidence of Proschlaf research in the sense of a modern, geared to the needs of modern humans sleep culture around. A SLEEPING FACILITIES IS RECOVERY TO GAIN ONLY SO GOOD, THE BODY AS IT IS. The individual design of a sleeping place is the key to maximum values of recreation and efficient health care. So this is left to chance, for the first time 2 important requirements for a bedding were realized with the Physio-sleep concept from the Institute Proschlaf.

EVERYONE GETS HIS SLEEP FACILITIES AT PHYSIO-SLEEP, AS THIS THE INDIVIDUAL PHYSICAL CIRCUMSTANCES REQUIRED MAKE. In addition, mattress and pillows meet but also a very specific therapeutic task. So, the Proschlaf technology makes it possible, even subsequently to be able to change the support beam of a mattress. In this way, optimal deck results and maximum recovery values are targeted and permanently ensured. THE three crucial advantages: 100 percent Eddy Sau Ling right Physio-sleep creates for each a mattress, the bed – and support requirements of his body down to the last detail taken into account. Easy Punch replacement with just a few hand movements can be retroactively changing deck requirements of the body adapt to the support beam of the mattress.