To change these patterns, that should be in a natural way, you will begin to change their environment. Therein lies the importance of re-engineering. If remedied the cause, it will also remedy the effect. When you examine your goals, think first what are the biggest obstacles for them, and after a thorough study will realize, that the obstacles are only within you, that other external factors are mirages and reflections of their own limitations. If you want to undertake a project and meets external obstacles, first check within you. Transform your consciousness, your thoughts and feelings, habits and you will notice as dissolve what once seemed a steel wall, you will notice that all these obstacles are a simple illusion of your mind.

Go to the core of his conscience, as well as genetic diseases can be corrected by modifying the DNA, likewise you can correct their obstacles and constraints by modifying their mental DNA so to speak. When you modify the patterns he has built throughout his life, correcting each of the chains and connections that generated discordant and limiting situations in your life, then you release is this great disease known as failure. If you have constantly in failure, because it should cure this disease of consciousness. You can drop over and over again when you try to get a goal, but the single failure comes when you accept it, had many successful man falls in their successful attempts, and when I speak of success I don’t speak of money only, but Despite the fact that continued trying to, why they got what they pursued. If they had accepted the failure by these small waterfalls, insurance they fracasarian but not they failed, because they did not accept it. As a saying nobody fails as it does not give. So, get to work, we will work every day to run these natural causes, we believe good habits, we replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

It is not so difficult, just remember that each of your actions, either in thought or spoken word, or physical actions have consequences. It will depend on you entirely, to see that kind of consequences generated in their favor. Everytime you do something, just remember to run the higher cause in every situation. And so you will know certainly what kind of results will be fired.