Each wooden house – is not only solid walls and solid roof over your head. Every house has more energy and a living soul. It helps its owner to live in harmony with itself and the outside world. When we go into the forest, we succumb to the charm and efficiency for the trees. Admire the beauty and power of cedar and larch, tenderness and harmony of pines and firs. Everyone picks up a tree for your home, most suitable for him energy, character and attitude. The latest technology and modern equipment will make use of any desired option of wood in construction of wooden houses affordable. Larch – a tree that fully complies with all the properties of the framework.

Remember that the choice of wood for building a log house is largely dependent on climatic conditions of the area of forest. However, larch most suited to Construction of wooden houses. The wood of this species is durable, has low flammability. Larch is much more expensive than others used in the construction of tree species. Considered expensive and cedar. The wood is almost not subject to rotting, and available in its composition volatile significantly clean the air in the room.

Pine wood belongs to the less expensive species, but by its physical and technological characteristics, it is perfect for the construction of log cabins. Naturally, the choice of wood – one of the important things before starting the construction of wooden houses. Be sure to take into account information about the "homeland" of these trees. It often happens that the client faces the choice of what company preferred. Convincing for him to become that company uses environmentally friendly material. Company 'Ekosrub' offers you its services in designing and construction of wooden houses and log in Odessa in Ukraine.