When we go to buy a perfume, many times we come across in them with others we have, as the Colony. But which the real difference of the two products? It will be only one different way to call equal products? For incredible that it seems, the perfume is well different of the colony, even so the two has the same intention, to leave a pleasant aroma in its skin. In the truth they are four types of perfumes, the traditional Perfume is more the concentrate, therefore it always comes in small bottles, of in the maximum 30 or 50 milliliters. Although in Brazil any liquid with more than 10% of concentration can be called perfume, there it are the concentration of the perfume generally passes of 50%. They are used in small amount and persist in the skin and the clothes for until more than one day and with intense aroma. In Brazil more intense perfumes, as the exterior, they are called essence and they are not very used, except the night, because the hot climate cause discomfort I smell with it intense.

The Eau de Parfum is a perfume with lesser concentration, but still thus much more fort that the colony. Its concentration is there passes of 30% and here in Brazil it is around 10%. It is made to last for about 8 the 12 hours and also he possesss intense aroma. We also have the Eau de the Toilette, most common in Brazil, its aroma is well lighter, with about 15% concentration it are there and about 8% here in Brazil. For being well more pleasant and cool it is more easy of being used in day-by-day the front to the intense heat. finally we have the Colony, that it possesss concentration there it are of about 5% and here in Brazil about 1 2%. It is well weakker and hard in the maximum 2 or 3 hours, being reapplied some times in the day. Used Comumente for children, babies, aged or more sensible people I smell with it of the perfume. you? In beauty search and a more healthful body? NutrCut is an alternative that valley the penalty to confer.