If the hum is perceived in both ears is called it bilateral tinnitus, and among other things it can be produced by ototoxicity by drugs, bilateral disease, benign craneal hypertension of the middle or outer ear, presbycusis, acoustic trauma, etc. In the case of bilateral tinnitus or bilateral tinnitus, the majority of patients presents some otologica condition. In approximately 30% of those affected by this symptom is due to some vascular pathology, a 10% consumption of drugs and between 5% and 10% present neurological diseases. There are very rare cases of tinnitus in which the primary pathology present risks to life, although in the majority of cases the disorders caused by this buzzing in the ears may become unbearable resulting from lack of concentration and mood, to disorders of sleep and depression. In the majority of cases of bilateral tinnitus, the severity of the condition depends on the perception of each patient and the degree of discomfort that you unreasonable. Bilateral tinnitus is framed within the non-pulsatile tinnitus, which in turn are divided into subjective (in which only the patient can feel the buzz or beep) and objectives (in which the doctor can reach heard, through studies, that declares the patient) in addition to pharmacological treatments which the Otolaryngologist can offerThere are a number of alternative treatments that, although no well-documented results or formal studies, can be a valid alternative for those who suffer from these symptoms. These treatments include psychotherapy, hypnosis, magnetic stimulation, acupuncture, retraining of tinnitus, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapy. The results of these treatments are very subjective, although most professionals and patients matches in which a reduction in the consumption of certain exciting (coffee, cola, tobacco, etc.) decreases significantly the intensity of the buzzing. There is a little known method but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.