What it is Down Syndrome and the difficulties faced for the nurses. Ana Alice Silva de Melo Emerson Duarte Mafia Summary: This research is about the Syndrome of Down, also known as trissomia of chromosome 21 that it is a natural and universal genetic event, being present in all the social races and classrooms. The child with S.D possesss a chromosome 21 more, that is, it has three chromosomes the 21 in all its cells, instead of having two. She is what we call trissomia 21. Therefore, the cause of the S.D is the trissomia of chromosome 21. Many are the fragilities that present the carriers of the syndrome. leaving of this aspect that the performance of qualified the necessary nurse and to be specialized to win such barriers and to surpass the life expectancy of a Down.

The nurse will not be able to deny assistance to the carriers, therefore the commitment is with the health of the human being. They are fragile children whom they more need arisen care, had the proper physiological complications of the alteration gnica. More the too much normal people are displayed the illness in relation. The accompaniment of all the life passage requires determination mainly of the responsible ones, therefore the deficient ones need all stimulaton and learning, a time that does not obtain to decide, to reason, to communicate without the interference of the adult. After the recovery of some parents that normally happens with the news on the birth of a waited son and with the syndrome of Down is to prepare the arguments and to supply the forces to face the society. Therefore, the nurses as well as the parents need to be prepared to deal with the Down carrier in the attempt to minimize the difficulties mainly, generating good results in the growth and in the adaptation of this deficient one with other carrying children or not and the encircled world of people who will receive them smiling and others turning the coasts, ignoring and repudiating them.