There exists some types of adverse reactions the foods. One of these is the alimentary allergy, the reactions caused for foods can be considered, intolerncia or abnormal reaction to a food or an alimentary additive. In contrast to alrgica reaction where the imunolgico system is activated and launches a reply, the intolerncia the foods can occur for the lack of a necessary enzyme for the digestion of this food (TYPES OF ALLERGY, 2006). At the same time where a great protein number found in foods is capable 0ccasionally to induce the reply for IgE (Imunoglobulina E), only one small number of these proteins constitutes a common cause of alrgicas answers. Examples include the egg, milk, the peanut, the soy, the chicken and shellfishes (ROITT, BROSTOFF and MALE P. 330, 2003).

The circumstance of a person to develop or an alimentary allergy does not depend on diverse factors, for example, a genetic inheritance, the age, alimentary habits e, for times, the consequncias of infectious illnesses (ALIMENTARY ALLERGY, 2010). Before giving beginning to the subject it is necessary to take to the agreement aspects and to differentiate the alimentary allergies of the alimentary intolerncia and the poisonings. The alimentary allergies are assigned by hipersensibilidade reactions, in the true alimentary allergies, the immune system of the organism react definitive foods as if they were potentially dangerous (ALIMENTARY ALLERGY, 2010). The alimentary intolerncia depends on mechanisms that do not involve antibodies in the case, determined component or additive of foods they directly act on the mastcitos, leading to free histamina, is the histamina that provokes the alrgicos symptoms.