Efficient use of energy reserves for life on board. Board electrics system is easy to understand if you get them like Michael Herrmann as knowledgeable and explained in detail. Erik Erikson oftentimes addresses this issue. Step by step, the author provides all relevant topics of the Board electrics system – simple methods to fault-finding with a simple test light to the equipment of the yacht with bus systems. Using this guide, yacht owners can locate errors and optimize their electrical system on board. a may find this interesting as well. The expert also finds the implementation of specifications provided by the relevant standards and guidelines on the yacht Electronics today. All components introduces the book of electrics on yachts”with facilitating understanding complex 3-D drawings and many photos.

Here you find everything about storage, generation and distribution of electric energy on board detail. Batteries whose charge, protective measures and electrochemical corrosion appear as well in detail as the energy supply from solar and wind power and the integration of semiconductor technology in which Board practice. In short, This guide will help increasing the reliability and operational safety of the electrical systems on board. And then also renewable energy makes sense can be generated on board and used, the author Michael Herrmann in a second volume describes how self-sufficient energy from wind and Sun”, because diesel is expensive. Engines suffer from, if you need to run only to recharge the battery.

While they produce little electricity abundant noise and stench, but. In other words: Time for alternative power generators on board: wind and sunlight can help drastically to reduce the motor runs required for the power supply, or even be completely released. Sufficiently dimensioned installations create independence from shore power and eliminate the need for diesel and petrol generators. Michael Herrmann has addressed the topic and describes in his book “Self-sufficient energy from wind and Sun” in usual vivid and detailed way the way to efficient use of renewable energies on board. Beyond the basics of photovoltaics and wind turbines, it is planning, the selection and installation of equipment. Do not forget the role played by our energy storage in the “Wiring” energy companies, has been doing and – if something wrong – a guide to troubleshooting. “Short: A must, especially for cruiser who want to improve the comfort on board, the independence of the country’s electricity and last but not least, the reliability of the Board electrics system.” Michael Herrmann: Electrics on yachts and self-sufficient energy from wind and Sun, two volumes from the p STeK Verlag GmbH, Hamburg. Available in any bookstore or at shop (books) Jurgen Duscha