A few months ago, I feel demotivated and everything in my environment appears to be stained by the routine. I have a wonderful family and a good job, but little time to enjoy. I’ve become a serious person, so that, when I am with my friends to go out and have fun, laugh and have fun me costs me. Curiously, I get only the black humor. Juan Carlos Santiago Chile dear Juan Carlos: to answer your question, we will mention the last thing you comment. What’s wrong with black humor? No problem with that fun with themes a bit rough or supuestamente serious. Wonderful humor is that it allows us just laugh that same that, in another context, it could afflict us. Perhaps the assumption that there are things that can not joke that has led you to become a serious person. You say that, by having a family and a job, don’t you have time for fun. It is not possible to laugh in family and family? Is it not possible to joke at work? The enjoyment does not go separate from those same activities that involve us responsibilities. Far from creating more time to enjoy, you should find enjoyment in those spaces that are so important to you. Think a joke in a negrecido mood to count tomorrow at work team of y ublicas-1 / original author and source of the article