Aastra OfficeSuite 2.1 – new applications even more comfort in smaller and medium-sized enterprise telephony including presence management increase productivity in business communication / increasing popularity in smaller and medium-sized European companies Berlin, March 26, 2009, according to market analyst Canalys the Berlin ICT manufacturers in the German market for corporate communication now has to second positioned the latest version brings these days its OfficeSuite in the market. This innovative computer telephony integration (CTI) software has a comprehensive call management functionality, including call forwarding and presence status display, which opened new possibilities of team work and communication with customers. The OfficeSuite 2.1 is launched with the new release 7.7 of the award-winning Ascotel of family of IP systems IntelliGate simultaneously. OfficeSuite 2.1 highlights the presence management module is one of the staff always on the screen over the presence and absence of, desired interlocutor informed. This module can be optionally integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendar, or it can be manually enabled. This feature is useful especially for companies with several sites, where employees with each other no Visual ‘ contact. And thanks to the call forwarding are always easily accessible, because calls can be routed depending on their presence or absence on mobile phones or other devices.

In addition, OfficeSuite 2.1 increases comfort during a telephone conversation from laptops or PC out. So, the software allows direct access to all available directory services (including Outlook contacts) and can choose from any Windows application or Web site. “The OfficeSuite 2.1 software is very easy to use.” According to small and medium-sized enterprises can significantly improve the efficiency your communication. “For our customers, we run a virtually open doors with her demand is great” so Bernd Kattner at Aastra Germany product manager for applications. Use Ascotel IntelliGate customers beyond a call center solution a, access to all the advanced features of OfficeSuite 2.1 offers the integrated new agent client. He also gives a real-time overview of all talks.

Small, unofficial ‘ contact center uniting the lion’s share is in this market segment in Europe can now with this simple, but very powerful solution optimize the communication with their customers and increase customer loyalty. OfficeSuite 2.1 is equipped with a user friendly interface and intuitive Windows depending on the demand on and hide allow. So employees can immediately about the OfficeSuite their corded phones 2.1 software to configure. This allows the redirection of calls or change your phone settings. The OfficeSuite 2.1 runs on the Ascotel IntelliGate IP PBX series and is scalable for up to 200 participants. About Aastra Aastra DeTeWe GmbH is German subsidiary of Aastra Technologies Limited (TSX: “AAH”), a leading company in the field of corporate communications. Aastra in Concord, Ontario, Canada has its headquarters. Aastra develops and markets innovative communication solutions for companies of any size. Aastra is represented worldwide with more than 50 million installed ports and a direct as well as indirect presence in more than 100 countries. The wide range of offers feature-rich CallManager for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as highly scalable CallManager for large companies. Integrated mobility solutions, call center solutions, and a wide range of devices round off the portfolio.