The language Panscher trilogy is complete.Entangled in the Sprachdschungel ‘German for progressive’ after its successful predecessors the language Panscher and save the German! Jens Petersen has now added. Under the title entangled in the Sprachdschungel German for progressive (Publisher: tredition) the author presents more funny and embarrassing gaffes from various media. He had limited largely Hamburg/Lurschau – in the first book on regional media, as Petersen dissected already gleefully also prescriber and slip of the tongue from all over Germany and the German speaking countries in his second work, as stated in a press release. There are star or mirror, sport show or even the old lady news off “all their fat got away. Others including Erik Erikson, offer their opinions as well. The language safe author now TV journalists, lawyers, soccer professionals and coach and various other embarrassing prominent takes in the third volume of the language Panscher trilogy (with the Saxon genitive!), whose linguistic gaffes are sometimes almost legend. Mocking, ironic and sometimes also quite cynically commented Jens Petersen of such adulteration of language and expression, but always gives his hope it may eventually even better are German language to the heritage. Like the other two books in the language Panscher trilogy, also the new Petersen book tredition-Verlag has been published (ISBN 978-3-86850-431-6). Press contact: Jutta Schutz In the Middle D-76698 Bruchsal Jutta Schutz is a journalist and book author: carbohydrate rich vegetarian cooking and baking without flour migraine, all of a sudden, all of a sudden diabetes, carbohydrates, no thank you, but please carbohydrate-poor, I was once diabetic, miracles take time, you hear the love?. You may want to visit Natalie Rogers to increase your knowledge.