But none of the interiors of the house is not entitled to holiday picturesque, like the interior of a children's play area. A similar brightness of color is possible, perhaps only in the area of sports or in the interior of the workshop and garage, where an abstract bright color of some items, work or sports clothes, tools and equipment in "Counterweight" to the nature of human activity. And carefully choose the building blocks for a child's room, look for environmentally friendly finishing materials, it is very interesting varriant wall design in children liquid wallpaper. As for the building of constructive and decorative interior nursery, we can consider several options for convenient and proven the perfect child's room. Wicker "greenest" in style baby bed, standing on a carpet with images of leaves and flowers, "Autumn" at the head of a small veil with an embroidered or painted (aniline dyes for fabrics) manner Guardian Angel Child. Sill goes down their own repeating in the form of shelves for toys, books and a bouquet of flowers.

Curtains or blinds on the window – different in length. The one in the corner, so as not to obscure the closed form of a favorite stuffed animal, sewn shorter than that covers the other half of the window. Another option arrangement of children's beds, set in the corner of the room (at the pier of the window to the wall) is as follows. The height of the bed and its design allows it to put a box with two children's toys and other things.