When the death is associated with an illness, in this in case that the cancer, the person lives deeply moments that go of the desperation to the acceptance of the illness. In the case of children, the perception of this concept is made from its interpersonal relations. That is, beyond the cognitivo development that the necessary child to have to understand what she is happening, its half familiar and social one influence in this construction. To prevent to speak of ackward subjects in the front of the child does not minimize its suffering in the new context. It creates its proper questionings and, during the invasive treatments, a bigger approach of the fear of the new is perceived, of that it does not make look like to have reply. This not only happens with the child, but also with its familiar ones, mainly with its cuidador during all process. The impacts of this new context desconfiguram a familiar system and its affective net, bringing differentiated routines for this family. The work of the multiprofessional team has its especificidades, however all are seen comovidos with the situation, therefore the cancer is an overwhelming illness and when this acomete a child, seems to be more painful.

To make possible one clear communication between the patient, the family and the team is an appointed function to the psychologist. This professional can make with that the child and the family construct a new meant for this event, breaking barriers and, thus, fortifying its bonds. Of this form, the present article was based to break of the survey of articles and referring books to the subject, beyond subjects that enclose stories on as the children construct to its meanings front the possibility of loss and deaths during its process of adoecimento – mainly when this adoecimento is for cancer – and as they are arisen these experiences during the invasive treatments.