"Happy is he who is happy at home" – says ln Thick. The first step towards such a happiness – a cozy home. Fire to keep warm in it – it's concern about health, aesthetics and harmony. Equally important component combines his furniture out of wood. Health – the first element of the formula of happiness Genetically modified foods, polluted air, plastic ware. And the only house there is a possibility, at least partially protect themselves from the harmful effects of Chemistry – Surround yourself with items from environmentally friendly materials. Such a key to salvation – furniture made of wood. Tree – a material known person from antiquity.

It is absolutely harmless and does not emit toxic substances. 3RUU3Mjg=’>Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. Aesthetics + Practicality = built-in furniture daily life proves that beauty and health are interrelated. Healthy people – beautiful. In the same way and with furniture. Furniture from environmentally friendly materials looks stylish and elegant. Wooden chair can become the embodiment of fashion ideas from classic to modern.

A built-in furniture not only beautifies the interior, but also hides the deficiencies lay. In search of harmony to go home Birches – favorite poets, and pine forest – a source of inspiration for many artists. In bioenergetics, these trees are called "donors". They are energized, give peace of mind and harmony. The ancient Druids were priests believe that touching the it helps to restore power. In addition to the birches and pines, to the powerful "donors" also include oak and ash. Because rank well of positive energy for the modern home on the right does not deserve a soulless plastic, and an array of wood rocks.