Engines with a volume of 1.3 and 1.6 liter Lancer adapt perfectly to the needs of urban life, although open roads in this car at the genetic level wakes up the passion and dynamics. Comparing the Corolla and Lancer in the dry technical parameters suffice to say that they are hypothetical, since initially being in the one segment, are fighting for the same client. However, between these cars is a game on a purely emotional level. Tranquility and elegance – it's Toyota, speed, emotional anger in some sense – it's Mitsubishi. Toyota Corolla is one of the best sellers in the Russian automotive market and has earned national love for his diligence and reliability. The latest generation of the Japanese made a big step in the build quality, and technologies used in the undercarriage of cars.

The engine power of 124 with 1.6 – liter heart develops good traction. Car is dynamic, behaves predictably in virtually every corner. Individual configuration manual gearboxes, as well as the robotic version fairly balanced – synchronous operation with the engine at altitude. Anti-lock brakes on the Corolla quite sympathetic, and it can be adapt quickly enough. System and emergency stop braking EBD works for a solid four, and four sup-Bag adequately complete the big picture – that Toyota is reasonably safe, it is safe in the way the whole family. Central locking, radio cassette player, which supports third MP format, accurate system heated front seats, exterior mirrors are also heated and electronic fine-tuning – it's quite a solid package, but it is not something stunning – for him four clear, but the quality, of course, on five points.