Enrique Sanchez will prepare this recipe with white zucchini in the Sevillian town of Los Palacios on the other hand, Silvia island will cook an economic menu of 10 euros, composed of spicy carrots and endive pie with chicken au gratin, in eat it noon the evening edition of the gastronomic program of Canal Sur Television eat it, that presents the chef Enrique Sanchez, proposes a dish tasty and light to this Friday, December 16 (19: 55 hours), Zucchini with Iberian pork loin. The product the day star are white courgettes of the Sevillian town of Los Palacios, of a historical link with agriculture and animal husbandry. This variety of Zucchini, also known as jedidah, is a vigorous fruit, adapted to cultivation in the open air and greenhouse; with a good power of reaction in difficult soil and enormous potential of performance conditions. In the elaboration of this recipe four Zucchini, 400 grams of Iberian Loin, 12 asparagus tape will be used Green, three cloves of garlic, two onions, a red pepper, two carrots, 150 grams of sweet corn, an orange, 200 grams of grated cheese, a cup of brandy and oregano. For his part, Silvia Island, in the edition of eat it noon (13: 20 hours) will prepare an economic menu for four people consisting of cake spiced carrots and endive with chicken au gratin with a total cost of 10 euros. In the first dish you will employ six leaves of cabbage, 400 grams of carrots, two eggs, 30 grams of grated Gruyere cheese, tomato sauce, nutmeg, cumin, parsley, chives, olive oil, salt and pepper.

In the preparation of the second course will be needed four Endive, two breasts of chicken, leek, garlic, 80 g of semi-hard cheese, 60 grams of almonds, a glass of white wine, half a glass of broth, chicken, 1 tablespoon of mustard, thyme, olive oil, salt and pepper when we arrived at this point in the calendar, with the holiday season around the corner, is us alarm light comes on: what are we going to prepare these days?. Always is the convenient option: the same as last year with some change. It is the tactical facilota leave it safe. We changed something, but do not change a lot, and we have another dish. It is a possibility that on the other hand, it should not be set aside. We can also get into some trouble, and make a recipe for those that have always wanted to do, but we’ve never done. The bad thing is, that if that recipe that we have not done nape, we leave the ham for that day, there is likely to be a complete failure.