Mobile help is on the way and now anyone can mobile help Berlin, 15.01.10. The disaster has hit one of the poorest countries in the Western world in Haiti. Worldwide, church officials and aid agencies themselves ask State men and women to donate. The American Red Cross received prominent support. SMS donations requested the incumbent US President Barak Obama on Wednesday via Twitter. The call to the so-called text donation was followed by thousands. Wanted to enter easily a small contribution and to the impressive amount held fast by 2 million dollars. Now the German Red Cross (DRK) follows this example.

Within a few hours, it has established the charity SMS keyword grc. The text of DRC on the speed dial 8 is now 11 90 sent, shipped 5 euro to the German Red Cross. It will be paid with the next mobile phone bill. Red Cross gives help to earthquake victims in Haiti 200 years most severe earthquake in Haiti the people need urgent clean water and medical assistance. Red Cross volunteers been the first hour in the usage. On Saturday, the German Red Cross sends a health station in the crisis area, to ensure the medical supply of 30,000 people.

Who wants to rapid assistance can send an SMS of the charity. The DRC is specifically aimed at the young generation, thereby offering as the ideal complement to the classic ways of donations. Every small contribution counts! Via the German Red Cross, the Red Cross helps people who are in need by disasters of all kinds. Decades of experience allow efficient emergency assistance within the international of Red Cross.