KonigsSalz developed the QuickRail salt system construction of KonigsSalz Ltd. & co. KG – 20.01.2014 – (fxaz salt) the material there as tile, brick, natural chunks, or cylinders for pillar construction. The beautiful structuring and the orange reddish color of the salt walls give back-lit new dimensions for the interior design. The orange red KonigsSalz from the Himalayas is also the white HalitSalz or the Mystic Blue PersienSalz available as a building material. Magic of backlit salt stones but before emits an such back-lit wall made of salt bricks in the most beautiful colours, is first of all a shaken to do Mass work. The pursuit encouraged us for a fast, clean processing and a stable, convincing result, to develop a system that meets these requirements”, the Managing Director of KonigsSalz, Lotte looks back, tail on the development process, so we brought the patented QuickRailSystem ready for production. In the meantime it has become on a broad front proven.” The QuickRail salt construction system wellness was now deployed in the wide range of facilities in the areas of water, heat, and is highly appreciated by the customers.

Also, because the system in the form of an h-shaped metal bar easy to apply. The salt blocks are inserted into rail, the salt wall remains free of adhesives. The system is about, so flexible, that even blankets or curves that can be made and also a dismantling or rebuilding elsewhere is possible,”Lotte continues rear. Beyond the rails of the quick RailSystems are absolutely perfectly and even sauna suitable up to 100 degrees Celsius through its manufacturing in Germany.” The KonigsSalz QuickRail system allows himself in private premises and sauna cabins just install like in rest rooms and salt. The white oases of beneficial regeneration because KonigsSalz maintained hotel, sauna, baths and complete Wellnessprojekte already since many years international as a salt factory, Companies that design with natural salt is inexhaustible. Backlit salt can be designed as floor, skirting board, mural, wall, fountain, Graduator, radiator fairing, shelf or salt heating wall. So, customers can be developed for the innovative products, individual and unusual spaces. Make all the magic of backlit salt in rooms requires not only the salt building material, but also adequate light source.

So the company from the Frankish Weigendorf also has a variety of energy-saving LED light bulbs in their range. Usage are also associated in the Farbtherapiezum. When it comes to the building material salt, the company of KonigsSalz combined special know-how, innovative products and latest technology. It is their customers and clients available in all areas. King salt starting with careful bio-certified product manufacture of professionally wrapped up construction projects according to DIN 1045 to the financing of ideas from salt is from the outset Partner of the customers. The company to meet an experienced and competent Bank that understands it, quickly, easily and sustainable customer desires has to implement customer projects.