A revealing data is that the practice of the selective abortion of children more is extended between the high class and average that enter the losses, " due to its greater buying capacity, which facilitates the access to them to the private clinics " , it pointed the expert. The Canadian research center taking like rrencia the censuses realised in India between 1991 and 2011. Drastic increase in the difference between children and children the 2011 census revealed that there are 7.1 million less than younger than of children with ages between the 0 and 6 years, which supposes a remarkable increase with respect to 2001, when the difference was of six million, and to 1991, when the distance was of 4,2 million. The result is that in this country there are but people of masculine sex that feminine, according to the last census, public fact for hardly two months, between the 1,210 million inhabitants of India are 940 women by each 1,000 men. The majority of the Indian population lives in states where the selective abortion of children is common. " This was a problem in the states of Madhya Pradesh, but it has extended to practically all the districts that we have studied, from the state of Maharashtra in the south, to Uttar Pradesh, in este" , it said to the ex- director of the Bottom of Population Stabilization of India, Shailaj Chandra. Cultural factors Different Indian cultural papers explain this prrencia by the children men, like the fact that when marrying a daughter a dowry is due to give to the family of the fianc2e, when in the opposite case what receives the family is a dowry and a wife. Another factor to that many Indian families cling to justify the search of a son man is that only they can ignite the funeral pyre of the parents.

" Much people say that she is going to improve estatus of the women because they are going to be married with greater facility and in better conditions, but is not truth, because if is few will have to do work much more domestic and will increase to the traffic of women " , Shailaj Chandra observed. The ex- director of the Bottom of Population Stabilization emphasized that " a social debate is due to create on if it is wanted to end the selective abortion of children, and the mass media will have an important work that to fulfill &quot on the matter;. A month ago prime minister of India, Madmohand Singh, described as " one vergenza" national the practice of feminine feticidios, and denounced that " the fall of the proportion in the birth of children indicates with the finger to our values sociales". Source of the news: Selective abortions of fetuses of children: one " shame nacional" in India