If you don’t probably know the glycemic index of foods you’re eating to fatten. You will not lose weight in a natural way and never will achieve the body you want. If you know the glycemic index of foods then always you will have the choice of eating to lose weight, even in junk food restaurants. In a way, slowly but surely, you will reach your ideal weight. The Glycemic or Glycemic food index tells you the speed at which glucose from carbohydrates that you eat is absorbed. This means, that if you eat something with a high glycemic index, then your blood glucusa level increase rapidly. High blood glucose levels cause a high level of insulin.

The high level of insulin drastically increases the risk of illnesses that you can suffer, as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, respiratory problems, accidents, stroke, impotence, etc.. If eat foods with a glycemic index low, then the levels of glucose and insulin in your blood will be optimal for the following hours. You will enjoy more energy and mental concentration and even you will be burning fat if you are overweight. Here is a list of foods that you can use to guide you easily: low glycemic index: chickpeas, beans, beans, lentils, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower. lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onion, cherries, plums, raspberries, kiwi, lemons, mandarins, oranges, nectarines, pineapple, watermelon, grapes.

Medium glycemic index: spinach, turnips, leeks. peeled tomatoes, radishes, oats, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, sweets index high Glycemic: pumpkin, corn, potato, beet, carrot, chestnuts, plums, mango, raisins, banana, white rice, brown rice, flour, bread, pasta, toasts, sugar, jam, honey, beer, juices, wine, fruit juices. In this article you learned what is the glycemic index of foods and by What is important. You also already have a quick guide to start eating more carefully. Revisala occasionally to be sure that you’re eating to lose weight and be healthy and not to fatten and increase the likelihood of diseases you may suffer.