He used a network of police departments to distribute millions of copies of the booklet on citizens at large Carnival and sports events throughout the country. The Colombian police had until 2011 for three million inhabitants of the country held seminars on the way to happiness and distributed booklets on 20 percent of the population (44 million). The result was the Colombian miracle”known: the crime rate declined in the country by 50 percent and a 8 x faster growth of in tourism, as in other Latin American countries, was down. Colonel PRADO was awarded for the outstanding commitment and this outstanding success against crime the IAS freedom medal in 2011 in Saint Hill (England). “He demonstrated his decisiveness as a result, that he the Colombian miracle” brought on the request of the Commander of the national police of Ecuador in its neighbouring country. The General had heard sensational by the look on events of the campaign in Colombia and asked that Colonel Prado should arrive in Quito. He should the way to happiness train local officials in top positions of the police authorities in the implementation of the campaign in his country. Together with the Ruddy well known artist Rodriguez and Andres Lopez led through daily workshops and seminars in Ecuador.

They gave interviews, trained thousands of police officers and organized the distribution of 350,000 books across the country. On the occasion of a major event on the anniversary of the national police, Colombian personality Maria Lara joined them, and introduced the TV spots with each rule of the way to happiness on the big screens of a stadium. This event was broadcast by national television to more than 10 million people of the country. “The introduction of the way to happiness in Ecuador was so successful that the Commander announced the national police: we have given the book the way to happiness ‘ made at national level to our principal means to train in ethical values”. Colonel Prado continued his work even after obtaining the IAS freedom medal in his country. Especially in areas by the activities of the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia a terrorist revolutionary group, also called FARC”is known be affected.

Due to his tireless efforts, he has already received letters of appreciation three Mayor. More information: activity/the-way-to-happiness/the-way-to-happiness.html. Contact information: press service of the Scientology Church e.V. public relations: UTA Ebrusheee Singh saheed InStr 12, 80802 Munich TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX. 089-615658-25 WEB: