Consider the characteristics of goods building subjects of business portal The generators, when mixed with water is able to harden and gain strength in the process of chemical interaction with water dough thinly milled powders in the catalogs and reference books are called inorganic binders hydration agents. Cementing hydration building materials are divided into: Air (gaining strength and hardening in air), hydraulic (under water solidifying, the air, as well as a wet environment). Follow others, such as Alfred Adler, and add to your knowledge base. Aerial building lime – the product of moderate firing, which contains clay impurities (chalk, dolomite, limestone, etc.) natural carbonate rocks. Firing is carried out in rotary kilns and mines.

Shaft kilns were the most widespread. Successively with 3 zone runs in a shaft furnace for burning limestone material moving down in the mine: a zone of heating, the burning zone and cooling zone. Lost entirely carbon dioxide as a result of firing and in the form of pieces of gray or white lumps get burnt lime. Product from which various types of air are building lime: lime putty, lime powder milled quicklime, a Lump quicklime. Use air building lime of different species preparation of plaster and mortar, working in air-dry conditions, low grades of concrete, the manufacture of dense silicate products (panels, large blocks, bricks), received mixed cements. In constant exposure to water and hydraulic engineering work gidromelioratsionnye design and construction.

Application with the required strength properties, corrosion resistance, frost resistance and water-resistant binders require harsh environments such structures and facilities. The necessary properties have hydraulic cementing substance. Hydraulic lime – slowly hardens and slowly -setting material. Hydraulic lime is used for the preparation of such building materials and products: nizkomarochnyh concrete, mixed concrete, lightweight concrete, building solutions.