New (intelligent) way to search for e-virtual bazarePredstavte yourself this: Michael Mikhailovich very busy person. From morning to night he works at his tailor shop. Just uemu to be executed a large order to 100,000 butterflies for a foreign contractor. This happened in his first time in his life and he does not know the price for wholesale claim with the customer. He goes to one of their platforms for B2B to find out what prices other ..

manufacturers gaining the word “butterfly” in the search engine market and the virtual to his surprise visit seen a diverse set of knives … fantastic. He is looking through the pages and scans of the same infinite number of blades, followed by a number of tracks and facilities for breeding butterflies .. Sometimes the results can be very amazing, what do we do if we have no time for further education .. but time is short right? For those who, as Mikhail Mikhailovich, does not want to spend time on laborious scrolling list of proposals, created an innovative solution for e-commerce: search engine Momoway. The portal uses a system based on semantic search Compared tags and web request context. Through this comparison, the search results only apply to the specific context, which greatly facilitates the search for a product, because the system recognizes the user’s intention.

E-commerce portals are widely used method, which dominates search algorithms worked through existing groups of words and external links, regardless of context, synonyms, and other possible combinations of phrases. It cause divergent results, which forces users to laboriously sort them using a set of filters. Through the use of portal Momoway semantics and logic of language forms is obtained by an entirely different effect. First, users can add any number of values related to this product. Each tag is associated with the definition. So if the word “butterfly” the user will have the opportunity to clarify the subject search by giving precise definitions: butterfly, insect, butterfly golstuk, knife butterfly. This allows you to get an accurate result of the search-only product that the user is really looking for, automatically rejected the same search results mismatched with typed words. Well-defined tags to be easily translated into other languages. This feature is very useful to translate the query into other languages: thanks This innovative solution will eliminate any difficulties arising from language differences. The founder of semantic search engine is Momoway Baleyko Carol, who in 2009 joined forces with Sebastian Maruchinskim. Now together they carry the idea of user-friendly portal for e-commerce. Project co-financed by the European Union and approved under the program of “development through innovation.” More information about the project on the site. * Full title: Development through innovation in the field of e-semantics! The introduction of e-services acquisition and provide information about products and manufacturers.