Laboratory of world music at the Folkwang School of music Friday, October 21, 2011, 20:00 Kora-solo concert of Jalli Lamin Kuyateh Auditorium the Folkwang music school, Thea-Leymann-str. 23, 45127 Essen entry: 8 / 5 Presale: Tel. (0201) 888 4444 (Mon Fri 10 13: 00 + 14 20 clock), email: a special concert experience invites the Folkwang music school on Friday, October 21, 8: 00 in their Auditorium, Thea-Leymann str. 23, a. Jalli Lamin Kuyateh from Gambia presented a program on the Kora, a West African harp of Jetty which is plucked with both hands. It has 21 strings: seven are for the past, seven for the present, and seven for the future. Jalli Lamin Kuyateh is the eldest son of a Mandinka Griot family and lives in the Netherlands since 1996. His appearances in this country are extremely rare.

He will explain the texts of the pieces in English or German. For more info: the Mandinka people is an ethnic group of West Africa, whose members as genetic or cultural Define descendants of the prehistoric Kingdom of Mali. The Mandinka live today mostly in the Gambia and Senegal. The griot”is originally a Bard who contends epic texts as price singer, story teller, teacher, or purely for entertainment in a certain form of singing. Griots contribute traditional knowledge is passed on through oral tradition. They performed at each traditional ceremony on and at festivals, such as birth, marriage, and circumcision. A Griot surviving the Leitkultur”, as one says today. In recent years many great changes have taken place in Africa especially in the Gambia.

Today, DJs are hired on at parties and the role of the griots has been transformed to a musician. With other musicians, they have formed groups and today instruments sound together, never used combined. “Jalli Lamin Kuyateh has a great role in it with his Band Fisco” played and was very early by the famous group Ifang Bondi “involved. With her he has at all played major stages of Europe.