Dentists from Stuttgart inform the city the implantology offers a flexible and gentle solution for tooth loss in almost any situation. It combines both chewing ability and aesthetics. The reasons which necessitate the closing of gaps, can be varied. The dentist fr. Dr.

Behle from Stuttgart explains in which cases implants are used. By disease implants inserted tooth loss, if lost teeth, for example, due to diseases. Whether age can periodontal disease, at a young age or in the high – caries or other disorders can cause tooth loss. Dental implants are the ideal solution then to revert back to its previous appearance. Implants replace accident resulting gaps life leaves sometimes marks. Tooth gaps arise from accidents during sports or in everyday life. Then comes the desire to fill it to make an aesthetic and functional teeth again.

Is a tooth in the otherwise healthy Row of teeth have been lost, is the drug of choice often a bridge to the disturbing gap. This, however healthy tooth substance significantly by the neighbouring teeth must be sanded. This is attacking the healthy tooth structure, so that single tooth implants therefore basically are the better solution, because no damage is caused to the neighbouring teeth. Implants as complete dentures can be caused also by genetic not attachments tooth gaps. If not or incompletely developed teeth dental implants the solution. A conventional total prosthesis is usually an unsatisfactory solution for the patients because they often are accompanied by significant loss of quality of life. It can lead to painful pressure points or a bone resorption. Implants can be inserted even or especially when complete edentulous. On the one hand, all teeth can be replaced by implants or a prosthesis can be anchored using implants safe and secure in the jaw. For detailed information about the possible uses of implants the dentist fr. Dr. Behle from Stuttgart is available at any time. Press contact CITY dentists contact: Dr.