The strategy of sent communication east Friday will mobilize to the public opinion and will generate positive debates on the sexuality and the rights. In addition, it will offer contents in main means and spaces of communication of the country, the qualification of key actors of the communication, the design and execution of strategies of communication in the Valley of the Cauca, Hit, San Andres, To stop, Sucre, Nario, Goal, Santander, Bolivar, Putumayo, Antioch, Armenia and Bogota. In addition, " By the right to a sexuality with sentido" it hopes to fortify the institutions of health and education, so that the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents, young people and women are guaranteed. " With this alliance and the joint work that we have developed, we will be able to advance in the construction of a country that knows and applies the sexual rights and reproductivos" , it affirmed the Minister of Education during its intervention. The developed work reflects the efforts that are being realised in the country within the actions that allow the improvement of the educative Quality, one of the emphases of the policy " Education of quality, the way of prosperidad" , that comes implementing the Ministry of Education.

Of this event the invitation to all the country takes control to be part of this new space that reflects the work to continue in the reflection and construction that enriches the development of the human being. When finalizing the launching announced the opportunity to participate in this space entering to the Web site of the strategy:, which is open so that the internauts contribute to this national intention. Compiled By. Javier Mejia T. Original author and source of the article