THAT MOTHER LOVE It does not have explanation for this entrancing LOVE LOVE that does not measure forces to defend, Is capable to feel pain without aching, to cry without saddening, to be glad themselves with its victories and to cry in its defeats. The entire life can be platonic. LOVE that it sees when it to stumble and to fall, extends the hands to smile. When passing nights in clearly, To sleep the entire night, are rare. It feels emotion in any occasion, acts heart! LOVE that feels jealousy, but does not take ownership. It knows that ' ' barquinho' ' it must be launched to the sea. Fight, but its toys set to collect it.

No matter how hard it is hurt, recompe and it comes back to be to our side. It never waits nothing in exchange, For the opposite. It is donated with all force. LOVE that nobody knows to explain, nor to copy. It seems already to inside be born of this somebody perfect call, without defect. To the eyes of world, nor always seen well, but for its children dear.

Difficult to find one it rhymes a being so special. Equal LOVE to this does not have equal. How mother LOVE! LOVE that never finishes, exactly without rhymes and that with the time and as dust, it finishes in love of vov.