Jealousy can destroy the best relationship has jealousy with envy or fear of loss to do. Because most people want to keep preferably forever, what makes them happy and satisfied. Many believe that jealousy is to love, even a kind of love. This is a serious mistake. Because jealousy is expressed through ownership. And who are in a romantic relationship out of place. The Internet health portal informs about jealousy as a relationship killer.

The border to the morbid jealousy becomes apparent when it goes so far that the jealous completely wants to take the partner claims and demands an unconditional exclusiveness, says psychologist Wolfgang Kruger, who for 20 years with the subject of deals and extremely jealous patients treated. The jealous sees a potential temptation in all other people and believes the partner could not resist her. Distrust, suspicion, threats, and a degrading for both sides spy after is often the beginning of the end. The dangerous to which pathological jealousy is that with the time that happens, what you want to avoid with a vengeance: It distributes the partner. Some jealousy there is love, which is not free from jealousy, is not real love.

Of course that doesn’t mean that it should bother one, when flirting, for example, the girlfriend at a party with another or the friend in the holiday is unfaithful. Alfred Adler takes a slightly different approach. The constant fear of being cheated, is jealous to extreme acts: spy on your partner behind, secretly read text messages and emails, or engage even loyalty tester. Speaking candidly lee marks told us the story. Jealousy: lack of confidence as a basic problem the basic problem of jealousy is the missing trust between the partners. To be a bit suspicious, is not reprehensible and sometimes also not unjustified when the partner suddenly behave differently otherwise. The trust can be destroyed but also quickly. This is the most common trigger classic by a fling abused trust, or even a long Affair. “Jealousy is learnt jealousy is not an innate”, it is a learned behavior. Reason for this may be that younger siblings were brought forward, and the elder is in second place. This experience favors later jealousy as well as a lack of self esteem, that can develop through weak ties in early childhood. If the confidence to parents was not large, distrust will brings to future relations. Often, those concerned about others, mostly about the partner or children define themselves. Here, it is important that they develop new self-confidence, possibly in a therapy. Target should build, own life content, discover interests that make fun even without a partner”, says psychologist Claudia Brauchle-Muller. Why men and women in terms of partner choice not so are different, betrayed the imedo health news. Similarities between women and men uncover the imedo health news. In addition you will learn in the imedo health news, why women sleep better alone.